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Name                                                                        Kudryashova Nadiya

Date of birth                                                            September 2nd, 1975

Nationality                                                                Ukrainian

Marital Status                                                          Married

Education                                                                 Ukrainian National Academy of Telecommunications,

                                                                                  Engineering Economical department, diploma with

honor, 1997

Institute of Problems of Market and Economical and

Ecological Research (of National Academy of Science

of Ukraine), PhD in economics, 2001 (thesis theme –

“Economical Organizational Mechanism of

Management of Radiofrequency Resource in Ukraine”,

was a nominee for state gratuity for research and

recommendations presented in the thesis)

Work experience                                                     Ukrainian National Institute of Radio and Television,

                                                                                  satellite communication department, specialist,


                                                                                  Ukrainian National Academy of Telecommunications,

                                                                                  associate professor (courses read: Management in

                                                                                  Telecommunications, Marketing in Telecommunications,

Theory of Systems and System Analysis), 2001-2003

International Humanitarian University (Ukraine), associate professor (courses read: Management, Economics), 2003-2004

Dean of Economical Department, 2004

Union Square Internet Development (,

Web developing/business technology company (USA),

Lviv office, 10.2007 – 04.2010,

Director of Lviv office

Internet club cyber arena “TNT Arena”, administrator,

09.2010 – 08.2011

JSC “TA-Silver Finance Group”, manager,

02.2012 – 07.2012

since 09.2012 - Pharmaceutical company “Edelweiss”, inspector;

4writers, UVOcorp, UAWriters, Essayshark – freelance writer (academic writing for customers from the USA, Canada, Australia, and UAE)

Languages                                                                English, Ukrainian, Russian

Special terminology                                                 Medicine, Finance, Management, Social Sciences,

International relations, IT, Energy sector

Computer skills                                                        Qualified user (international certificate)

                                                                                  Trados, Trados Studio

Additional information                                           Took part in many conferences (including

international) on economics and telecommunications

Contacts                                                                   +38 099 483 25 79



                                                                                  [email protected]


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