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600 ₴

Proofread small website in English and translate to Russian.

истекло время актуальности

I have a small website that is in English. I want it to be read over by someone very good in English and perhaps come up with better text.

I also need to have the website translated to Russian.

Сделать ставку!

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  1. 2 дня600 ₴
    Андрей Олейник
     1850  проверен   67  0

    Готов помочь с переводом, обращайтесь!
    Цена и срок зависят от объема.

    Украина Херсон | 30 сентября 2017 |
  2.  фрилансер больше не работает на сервисе
  3. 10 дней1 000 ₴
    Olha Churikova

    Hello, I have very good knowledge of English and Russian and I can translate your website from English to Russian. I can do it quickly and in appropriate way. I am waiting for your answer.

    Украина Полтава | 30 сентября 2017 |
  4. 1 день600 ₴
    Александр Сергеич
     2177   147  9   3

    I can help You with Your site.
    Price & terms of work after acquaintance with the amount of work.
    Reply me.
    B.R. Alexander

    Украина Донецк | 1 октября 2017 |
  5. ставка скрыта фрилансером
  6. 1 день600 ₴
    Марина Сай
     1362  проверен   41  0

    Hi, I can help you, my English is very good. Russian is my native. I'll high quality proofreading and translation. Looking forward to our cooperation.

    Украина Днепр | 1 октября 2017 |
  7. ставка скрыта фрилансером
  8. 2 дня600 ₴
    Ирина Shu
     833   48  0

    Dear Mr. Gislason,
    It will be my pleasure to proofread it for you and translate it to Russian. My English is fluent, high level of proficiency.
    Could I get some information as to the website?

    Украина Харьков | 1 октября 2017 |
  9. 3 дня1 000 ₴
    Marta K
     2844   127  0   3

    Hi^ I have near native English, native Russian and experience in translation.
    Could you show your website?
    paypall is fine

    США New York | 1 октября 2017 |
  10. 3 дня600 ₴
    Олена Адамчук

    I would be happy to do the task professionally. My level of English is C1 and I am fluent in Russian.

    Украина Львов | 1 октября 2017 |
  11. 7 дней1 000 ₴
    Артем Лиманский

    Hello there,

    I can provide you with a really good English to Russian translation of your website (both content and navigation if needed). I work at a rate of 70UAH per 1k symbols excluding spaces.

    I have considerable experience in website content translation. I would be pleased to hear from you.

    Kind regards,

    Украина Запорожье | 1 октября 2017 |
  12. 2 дня800 ₴
    Dmitrii Kluikin

    Hi, I am student of British program university. I would be happy to help you with that website. If the website is that "small" as it is written up there ↑, I'll do it for less than a day.
    (I meant translation into Russian)

    Таиланд Бангкок | 1 октября 2017 |
  13. 2 дня600 ₴
    Александра Брускова
     405   17  1

    Greetings, if you ready to work visa Safe (through this web site) I will gladly translate you site into Russian and do the reading of you English version. I'm also fluent in Polish, Ukrainian and Swedesh if you're interested. Besides I have experience in translating same web sites into multiple languages so I know the drill!
    Can I take a look at the site- to name the right price and time it will take to get job done. Standard price is 2$ per one thousand symbols without blank spaces, in timing it's about 2-3 days.
    Best wishes, Alexandra

    Польша Gdansk | 1 октября 2017 |
  14. 5 дней1 500 ₽
    Татьяна Переводчик

    Hi, I am a certified linguist and translator. My command of English language is a quite good. I can translate your website a very professionally - on excellent and grammatically correct Russian but it would be good to see it first. :) Also deadline and price will be depend on size of your website. I would be very glad to collaborate with you.

    Россия Уфа | 2 октября 2017 |
  15.  фрилансер больше не работает на сервисе
  16. 1 день500 ₴
    Роман Новак

    Ready to work hard and to do research, if needed. I will do everything perfectly in the shortest time. Start asap

    Великобритания Brighton | 3 октября 2017 |
  17. 1 день600 ₴
    Оксана Олех
     233   2  0

    Hello! I'm ready to help you with your website. I'm fluent in English, Russian and also Ukrainian. The translation will be done professionally and quickly.
    I would be glad to collaborate with you!
    Feel free to contact me.

    Украина Чернигов | 4 октября 2017 |